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Preliminary design on A1c-eAG converter app in progress

The next app to be published will be a converter between A1c and eAG blood glucose test results - of interest to those with diabetes or who may be pre-diabetic. Preliminary design started earlier this month. This app will be published for iOS and Windows 8. The app will be available free of charge, though may be supported by Amazon Associate links or by ads.

Preliminary design work on a Jumble™-type word descrambler ("ScrambleHint") started earlier this year but is now on hold.

CryptoHint 1.0.1 now available in Apple iTunes App Store

CryptoHint version 1.0.1 has been reviewed and approved by Apple and is now available in the iTunes App Store.

What's new:

CryptoHint 1.0.1 submitted to Apple

Finally updated CryptoHint to version 1.0.1 and submitted it to Apple this afternoon for approval. Tested it on the following devices:

Improving word/letter frequency results in CryptoHint

I'm working on improving the word search results in CryptoHint: for any given word search, the results for the frequency sort should list the more common words first, then less common words sorted by letter frequency statistics. This would affect the database alone, doesn't actually require code changes in CryptoHint itself, so this will be a very minor upgrade to version 1.0.1. Also deleted an extraneous link to the "Home" page in the built-in HTML help files. This new rev will be under iOS 4.2 (or later, when and if iOS 4.3 gets officially released soon - I'd heard it was supposed to be released 14 February 2011) but still executable under iOS 3.1.3 or later.

The improvement in the frequency sort does force a change in CryptoHint's icon. The first 3 results for "XJFFXU" in the frequency sort are now "LITTLE", "FREEFD" and "TWEETS". What's "FREEFD"? Googling it, it might be part of a description for tax-free funds; it might also be a flight simulator add-on. I might delete it from the database, it might not be a valid abbreviation - in which case the results would be "LITTLE", "TWEETS" and "EIFFEL", which I could live with for the icon.

CryptoHint now available in Apple iTunes App Store

CryptoHint (version 1.0.0) has been reviewed and approved by Apple and is now available in the iTunes App Store. It is categorized as a utility, with secondary categorization as a game, subcategories word and puzzle.

There is a curious flaw in how CryptoHint is displayed in iTunes and in the iTunes website: the large 512x512 pixel icon may appear corrupted. Have notified Apple of the problem, but I'm guessing Comcast's local servers may have a corrupted copy in a cache somewhere; if I look at the iTunes pages on other network providers (e.g. Verizon and AT&T) there's no problem.

Corrupted CryptoHint large icon
This is how CryptoHint's large icon looks corrupted (taken from a screen capture).

Ideal CryptoHint large icon
This is how CryptoHint's large icon should look.

iTunes Connect no longer appears to allow indiscriminate updates of the large icon and/or screenshots; I may need to make a minor update to 1.0.1 just to re-upload the large icon. One possibility: I had uploaded a 32-bit .JPG file originally; next time I'll upload a 24-bit .PNG file.

UPDATE: As of 2010.10.16 the problem with the corrupted large icon seems to have fixed itself.

CryptoHint iPhone app submitted to Apple

I submitted CryptoHint to Apple this evening for approval and addition to the iTunes App Store. Hope I did everything right. I set the release date for this Sunday, 10 October 2010, but of course it depends on how long Apple takes to review CryptoHint.

CryptoHint iPhone app now in beta test

My first iPhone application, CryptoHint, is now in beta test at version 0.7.5.

Terri, Rich and Mom are the testers. Since neither Terri nor Mom have ever used iPhones or iPod Touch devices before, they have an additional hurdle of learning the basics of these devices. I loaned Terri a new iPod Touch 4th generation, and Mom is using Rich's older iPhone. I also gave each of them printouts of 50 cryptograms, so they don't need to scrounge around getting cryptograms from old newspapers; I also pointed out the website as another source of cryptograms. The beta test period will take up to 2 weeks.

The CryptoHint website, at least in preliminary form, is here. The website's landing page will give an overview description of CryptoHint, screenshots and the latest news. Other pages will have more detailed instructions, history and other articles like additional cryptograms to solve. I still need to flesh out the website for Bersalona Technologies itself, though it'll have only one product to date.

Working on the web page template for Bersalona Technologies LLC, starting from the one for CryptoHint.

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